Electrolyzer with solid electrolyte

  • eltvelictrol

     Lab installation of oxygen and hypoxic mixture generator

    extraction of pure oxygen from air;

  • extraction of hydrogen and oxygen from water vapor;
  • generation of oxygen from products of life;
  • preparation of gas mixtures with the required concentration or activity of oxygen.

Medical electrolyzer-generator of oxygen has been developed:

  • Oxygen yield is 300 L/hour;
  • Hypoxic mixture yield is up to 3 m3/hour;
  • Oxygen purity is 99.9%;
  • Electrical mains power consumption is 1.0 W or less.

Medical electrolyzer-generator of oxygen has the following advantages:

  •  high chemical and biological purity of the products;
  • noiseless operation;
  • long service life and reliability;
  • acceptable mass and dimensioning characteristics;
  • relatively low cost.