Thermal battery


Thermal battery is independent energy source operating on the principle of chemical energy conversion into electrical one. Its capacity is from hundreds Watt to tens kilowatt.

Fields of application:

  • Materiel and armament.
  • Backup power supply to various power units (electric motors) in extreme conditions.
  • Independent power supply to automatic fire-fighting systems.

Thermal Battery can be used as a standby power source in a variety of technologies:

  • Starting of engines at low temperatures.
  • Driving of faulty motor vehicles to a safe place.
  • Power supply to elevators and mine hoists in case of mains power interruptions.
  • Backup power supply for cutting and welding of metals under emergency conditions or when torch cutting and oxy-acetylene welding are impracticable; underwater welding
  • Backup power supply to sprinkler systems.
  • Other consumers in need of high-capacity power units for emergency power supply.
  • Long-term (practically limitless) shelf life before use.
  • Serviceability over a wide interval of ambient temperatures from -100 to +300°С.
  • High specific power: 2-3 kW/kg during 1-2 minutes; 0.5 kW/kg during 20-30 minutes.



 Thermal battery РХИТ Б-20


Emergency power supply system ТБ1200-12


Thermal battery ТБ-1200/12