Modified electrolyte for aluminum production


Electrolyzer for aluminum production

Novel electrolytes containing sodium cryolite, alumina, and modifying additives have been developed  for aluminum production.

  Modified electrolytes characteristics:

  • high electrical conductivity;
  • high  alumina solubility and its rate of dissolution;
  • possibility to perform electrolysis at high current density;
  •  recommended for industrial testing.

 The testing results in industrial electrolyzers OM-120 at “Kraz” OJSC:

  • The  rate of alumina solubility in modified electrolytes is 2-3 times higher than that in conventional electrolyte of industrial bath;
  •  the anode effect frequency reduces in 10 times or more;
  •  the electrical conductivity in modified electrolytes of testing baths is 8-12 % higher than that in industrial bath;
  •  the bath voltage decreases on 100÷200 mV without anode-to-cathode distance change;
  •  AlF3 consumption is brought to stable amount of 27 kg/day, that is 17 kg/day lower than that in industrial bath.

The patent RUS2288977 dated 10.12.2006 is issued.


  •  Improvement of engineering-and-economical performance of the aluminum electrolytic production;
  •  Electrolyzers operating life increase;
  •  Environmental situation improvement at aluminum plants.