Articles made of palladin produced by the IHTE technology at the Ekaterinburg non-ferrous metals processing plant

The “Palladin” composite material is constituted of palladium covered with diffusion coating of b-PdIn alloy. The material possesses a high hardness (2-3 times harder than pure palladium) and wear resistance, is not brittle, and has a good color. The coating thickness can be adjusted from 5 to 100 mm during deposition. The technology is ecologically pure. All processes are realized in sealed apparatus with nontoxic media.

Fields of application:

  • Medicine: as dental implants for use in prosthodontics; as the material of needles for auriculotherapy.
  • Electrical engineering:  as an electric contact material.
  • Jewelry: as a substitute of gold.


  • high corrosion resistance at the level of palladium-silver alloys for prosthodontics;
  • hardness and wear resistance at the level of stainless steel;
  • compatibility with bone and soft tissues of living organisms;
  • low contact resistance;
  • wide adjustable color spectrum.