Softol processing technology

Softol-10 is a highly toxic liquid mix of the sofol (polychloridephenyl) and trichloridebenzole which is widely used as the filler in current transformers, large capacity condensers. Nowadays power industries have accumulated dozens of tons of softol inside the exhausted transformers. The basic utilization technology of this wastes is their combustion in special furnaces at temperature higher than 14000C because of the formation of a large amount of dioxins – poisons which ambient air standard is ≤ 5•10-7mg/m3.

 The investigations performed at  IHTE UB RAS demonstrated the possibility to recycle softol by PCDF mixed with chlorine as a highly effective chlorination agent for salt melt chlorination:

1)     oxide-containing materials at magnesium production (AVISMA, Berezniki);

2)     rare-earth metal oxides at their pure metal production (Solikamsk magnesium plant).


  • PCDF wastes utilization without dioxin formation.
  • Implementation of new technology for chlorination of oxides at lower temperatures and higher efficiency as compared to the conventional methods.