Composite electrodes of solid oxide fuel cells with nanodispersed components

Novel active electrodes for electrochemical devices based on oxide solid electrolytes (fuel cells and electrolyzers for production of pure hydrogen and oxygen) was developed. Oxygen electrodes  is based on manganite and ferrite-cobaltite,  and fuel electrodes is based on nickel cermet with CuO and NiO  nanopowders.

These electrodes are multifunctional, can be used as with conventional electrolytes based on zirconium dioxide as with novel electrolytes based on cerium oxide or lanthanum gallate.

The work was done in collaboration with IEP UB RAS.


  • High electrochemical activity.
  • Efficient operation at 500оС and higher.
  • High specific characteristics.
  • Operation at high current density (up to 1 А/cm2) at overvoltage up to 100 mV.
  • The confirmed service life is over 2000 hours.
  • Specific capacity is 0.5-0.7 Wt/cm2 , considerable reduction in power consumptionand better efficiency of power installations.