Nanoceramics based on zicronium and aluminum oxides


 Samples of endoprosthesis and implants of locomotor apparatus made of high-strength dense and large-pore nanoceramics

Unique ceramic material based on zirconium and aluminum oxides modified with nanocomponents has been developed. The ceramic has record-breaking high characteristics:

  • Strength is 3-5 times higher than the strength of any known ceramic (σbend is 800÷1200 to 1800 MPa);
  • The friction coefficient is 8-12 times less than the friction coefficient of metals used in medicine;
  • Better biocompatibility and chemical resistance in the human organism than those offered by other materials.

The developed high-strength nanoceramics allows producing endoprosthesis and implants of the new generation for use in orthopedics, stomatology, and endoprosthesis replacement of heavily loaded segments in the human organism which run high risk and are prone to wear (the vertebral column and joints, including hip joints, etc.). The large-pore bioactive ceramics will ensure long-time fixation of endoprosthesis and implants in the human organism and will serve as a universal material for restoration of the bone tissue during all surgical operations in orthopedics, traumatology, otolaryngology, and stomatology when the treatment of parodontosis, bone defects, cysts, and tumors is concerned.

The work was done in collaboration with:

  •   Ural State Medical Academy
  •    OOO “Spetskeramika”
  •   ORFO Medical Company