High-temperature galvanoplastics for refractory metals articles


Different articles made of rhenium and molybdenum obtained using proposed technology

Technology for producing variously shaped and sized articles (crucibles, tubes, bottom plates, complex-shaped articles) from refractory metals (molybdenum, tungsten, rhenium, iridium) by molten salt electrolysis has been developed.

Scrap (such as broken down articles, cutting wastes, etc) as well as radioactive scrap can be used as a source material containing these metals.

Articles obtained from radioactive scrap don’t contain radioactive admixtures.


  • The distinctive structural features of the articles produced according to this technology allows increasing their lifetime in 2-5 times in comparison with the lifetime of analogous products manufactured by conventional methods.
  • Products made by this technology have high shape stability and resistance under multiple heat loads at temperatures up to 2000°C, high chemical purity (99.999%).
  • The technology was tested using special large-sized lab equipment. The samples of different articles were obtained. For example, the installation for producing tungsten pallets with ordinary sizes 305x160x160 mm was created. The samples obtained using this installation were successfully tested in industrial conditions.