Integrated technology for processing lead wastes

Integrated technology for processing  lead-containing man-caused middlings and wastes has been developed.

The technology allows extracting lead and valuable components from man-caused and secondary raw materials.

The processed materials may be waste storage batteries or dusts, cakes and mattes, which contain lead, copper, zinc, cadmium, arsenic, antimony and noble metals, from copper smelters, zinc- and lead-producing enterprises.

The quality of obtained branded products corresponds to GOST- 3778-98.


Unloading of high purity lead of C0 brand

  • The unique design of apparatus which has no analogs in the world was developed.
  • The material for electrolysers framework was proposed.
  • The technology was tested in semi-industrial conditions using electrolyser with the current 500-1000 A.


  • The technology allows refinement of black lead in a single apparatus.
  • The final product is commercial lead and lead master-alloys (lead-antimony, lead-bismuth).
  • The organization of the process excludes formation of gaseous and dust effluents.
  • A patent has been issued.