Plasticizing coatings for metals and alloys


Articles obtained by the cold deformation method

Technology   for hard-to-deform materials of surface preparation by application of sublubricating plasticizing metal coatings (copper, zinc, tin, lead, and silver) from molten salts using the method of contact exchange at 450-700°C, the exposure of 3-5 minutes, and the coating thickness of 5-15 mm have been developed.

The coatings have the following applications:

  • cold deformation of metals, steels, and alloys;
  • deep drawing, forging, and multistage plug drawing;
  • manufacture of fasteners by the method of cold heading and thread rolling instead of hot heading and turning which are used in machine-building and metal-working industries;
  • friction units of mechanisms (sliding bearings);
  • surface preparation of aluminum, titanium, zirconium, and alloys on their basis for brazing;
  • replacement of expensive and scarce metals by cheaper metals in various devices.

 Coatings obtained by contact exchange in molten salts

Plasticizing coatings on stainless steel allows realizing the processes of cold deformation without interannealing and corresponding procedures with high degrees of drawing and deformation.

Metalware production according to the proposed technology increases  labour capacity in 10-25 times. Coefficient of metal usage rises from 20-50 to 95-98%. Labour input decreases in 8-10 times.