Thermodiffusion aluminizing of metal parts


Turbine buckets (EI 983 alloy), pipes (08U steel)

The method is proposed the thermodiffusion aluminizing of products made of common-quality carbon steel, quality constructional steel, high-alloy steel, nickel alloy, titanium and copper in the powder mixture at continuous stirring.  The method provides a uniform coating on the whole surface of products including threaded connections. . The diffusion coating is 30-100 mm or more thick. The coating is corrosion and heat resistant.  The aluminized samples were tested at temperatures 600-900°C.The coating quality corresponds to the current requirements. The raw materials are not scarce and are produced in Russia.


  • The coating deposition temperature and the saturation time are reduced as compared to those in the conventional aluminizing technologies. Coatings can be applied on hardware made of quality steel;
  • Replacement of aluminized steel used for the manufacture of welded thin-wall pipes to protect them against corrosion when they operate at large temperature gradients and in sulfur-containing media;
  • Raw materials are used in a closed cycle. Free of gas and dust emissions into atmosphere.