Oxide tungsten bronzes (OTB) nanocrystalline coatings


Nanocrystalline oxide tungsten bronzes producing

The electrochemical method for hexagonal oxide tungsten bronzes production in the form of nanometer-thick films has been developed. Electrolysis was carried out under impulse potentiostatic mode at  200-300 mV overpotential in the melt containing 30 mol.% of К2WO4, 25 mol.% of Li2WO4,  45 mol.% of WO3 with the use of platinum cathode and anode.The production conditions of the hexagonal nanometer-thick OTB films were defined. The test samples of films at platinum substrates were obtained.

Electrochemical processes are not followed with poisonous emissions into the atmosphere or pollution of water sources.

OTB nanocrystalline films at platinum substrates can be used

  • in medicine to produce ion-selective elements for microenvironments analysis;
  • in electric and radio devices to produce cold cathodes;
  • in chemical and oil-chemical industry as chemical reaction catalysts.


  • It does not require sophisticated equipment;
  • The films are produced in a split of a second;
  • It is possible to obtain large square coatings.