Nanocrystalline tungsten bronzes

The electrochemical method for obtaining nanocrystalline tungsten bronzes with hexagonal structure in polytungsten melts has been developed. The parameters of electrolysis process providing the obtainment of  the needle nanocrystalline structures for oxide tungsten bronzes with needles width less than 100nm have been established.

 Two types of nanocrystalline needles – with a sharp tip and in the form of round rods – have been found for the first time.

It is possible to produce as nonoriented as oriented (where all nanocrystalline needles have orientation <0001>) deposits.

Nanocrystalline coatings were deposited on metal substrates. Specifically, a W plate having the (100) texture was covered with a continuous layer of hexagonal bronze 10 mm thick in which each microcrystal had an oriented nanocrystalline structure.

Nanocrystalline oxide tungsten bronzes possess such valuable properties as high corrosion resistance which depends on the bronze composition, different nature of electrical conductivity, selectivity to certain types of cations in aqueous solutions, a considerable range of color, and high catalytic activity.

 The RF patent is received for this invention.


  •  does not require sophisticated equipment;
  •  The time for producing nanocrystalline deposit is just a split of second (in comparison with hours in other known methods).