Nano-dispersed aluminum composites

Method of obtaining new aluminum composites strengthened with micro- and nanoparticles of alumina and / or carbon at temperatures 750-800 оС has been developed.

Nano-dispersed composite materials based on aluminum matrix of lowered density and raised durability due to control of structure and properties of aluminum composites using chemical and electrochemical introduction of reinforcing micro- and nanosized carbon and carbide particles, nanopowders of metal oxides were produced.

During chemical interaction of molten salt containing metal or nonmetal carbides with molten aluminum under the halides flux layer the following composites were obtained:

  • Dispersed strengthened nanocomposites with bulk content up to 30 wt% of carbon with particles size of 50-200 nm;
  • Composites strengthened by particles with size of 1÷5 mkm, the concentration of which can reach 20 wt % of carbon in dependence on process temperature, concentration and type of carbide additive.

During interaction of molten aluminum with metal nanooxides in molten halides media the following composites were obtained:

  • Composites strengthened by alumina nanoparticles with size up to 200 nm and bulk content up to 20 wt %. 

During interaction of molten aluminum with micropowders of metal oxides the following composites were obtained:

  • Aluminum composites containing up to 40 wt % of alumina particles with size of 1-5 mkm.