Refractory metals carbides

New low-temperature synthesis of high dispersed solid materials – tantalum, niobium, titanium, and tungsten carbides made of powders of corresponding metals or their compounds has been proposed.

The coarseness of obtained carbides powders is varied from ten micrometers to hundredth parts of micrometers with specific surface up to 30 — 50 m2/g.

The RF patent is received.

The right to this invention belongs to:

  •  The Institute of High-Temperature Electrochemistry of UB RAS
  • “Solikamsk magnium plant”, JC.

Advantages of this method:

  • The synthesis temperature decreases to 200-500 °C due to ion- electron melts using.
  •  Oxide refractory metal halide or powder of this metal can be used as a raw material.
  •  The proposed technology in comparison with conventional hydride technology is less expensive due to elimination of extra procedures during refractory metals hydrides producing.

Possible consumers:

Mechanical engineering, metallurgical, instrumental industry, car industry as well as carbide- tipped tools, abrasive, polishing and finishing materials producers.