Nanosized powders of tantalum, niobium and other metals

The original method for electrochemical dispergation of metals and alloys ((Nb, Ta, W, Mo, Re, Pt, Ni, Cu, Fe, steel Cr18Н10Т and etc) has been developed. The level of dispergation is varied from 10 to ~200 nm (if desired) with nanosized constituent from 5 to 40%; specific surface is from tenth part of m2/g up to several tenths and more.

The pilot batch of condensers made of tantalum and niobium nanopowders has the following characteristics:

  •  Specific capacity is from  3000 to 65000 mkC/g;
  •   Loss current   ~1-10 nА/mkC:
  •   Break-down voltage  80 – 180 V;

These condensers, having much lower self cost, are significantly greater than that of the national producers and just as good as their foreign prototypes.

Advantages of this method:

  • The possibility to create  high-capacity condensing powders on the base of national raw sources, components of high energy systems, catalyzators, etc.
  • The equipment for powder production is not high priced. The whole procedure is characterized by the low energy consumptions.