High-temperature physical chemistry and electrochemistry of calcium and its compounds. Problems and prospectives of electrochemical method for calcium obtaining

The monograph presenting modern systematized data regarding physical and chemical properties of molten salts used in electrolytic calcium production was published. Research results of electrode processes at liquid and solid cathodes and of calcium interaction with its molten chloride were considered. Special attention was paid to the technology for calcium electrolysis production including electrolyzers design.  The basic achievements in industrial implementation of the 15 kA cells fitted with liquid copper cathode are presented.


  1. Zaikov Yu.P., Shurov N.I., Suzdaltsev A.V. High-temperature electrochemistry of calcium. Yekaterinburg, RIO UB RAS, 2013. P.200.

Authors: Zaikov Yu.P., DSc (Chemistry), professor; Shurov N.I., PhD, senior researcher; Suzdaltsev A.V., PhD, researcher.