New electrolyte for chemical power sources

The new  Li7La3Zr1.89Al0.15O12 solid electrolyte with highest conductivity among all solid lithium-cation conductors was discovered. Its conductivity is 3.4 ·10 -4 S/cm at 25 °C and 3.5 ·10 -2 S/cm at 200 °C. High electrical conductivity was reached due to stabilization of lanthanum-lithium zirconate (LLZ) with cubic modification by doping the zircon sublattice with aluminum. The doped LLZ is very prospective for creating novel low- and medium-temperature lithium chemical power sources because it is thermodynamically stable against metallic lithium.

  1. Publications: Raskovalov A.A., Il’ina E.A., Antonov B.D. Structure and transport properties of Li7La3Zr2-0.75xAlxO12 superionic solid electrolytes.  J. of Power Sources. V. 238. 2013, p. 48-52.

Authors: Ilyina E.A. (postgraduated student), Raskovalov A.A. (PhD, researcher)