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About Shared Access Center

The Shared Access Centre “Composition of compounds” (SAC COC) operates on the base of the Laboratory of Solid Oxide Fuel Cells of the Institute of High Temperature Electrochemistry of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IHTE UB RAS).

The SAC “Composition of compounds” develops methods and instrumentation of fundamental and applied research performed by the scientific groups at IHTE UB RAS, universities and other scientific research and production companies. It carries out chemical and elemental, structural and phase analysis, microstructure simulation and research using stable isotopes.

In 2011 the SAC “Composition of compounds” confirmed the accreditation certificate for the technical expertise and independence in the System of the analytical laboratories accreditation and was registered at State Register (N POCC RU. 0001.515512; valid through 28 October 2016). The SAC is a permanent successful attendee of Metric System of Measurements (MSM), held by the Ural Research Metrology Institute (UNIIM, Yekaterinburg). According to the standard documents and declared accreditation the SAC “Composition of compounds”  performs the quality control of: domestic water from central water supply, domestic water from local water supply, water from spring and underground sources of central water supply, natural water (spring and underground), discharged water (domestic, industrial rain waters), sewage effluent, ground water, production and consumption wastes, lead and its alloys, emulsions, pastes and ceramic materials.

The SAC “Composition of compounds” has the competency acknowledgment certificate in the System of voluntary certification for nanoindustry production “Nanosferica” by State corporation “RUSNANO” reg. № POCC RU.B503.04H.Ж00.66.04.0007 dated19.06.2009 (valid through 14.12.2013).

The SAC “Composition of compounds” is a part of the Experimental center of substance, materials and products of nanoindustry at the Ural Research Metrology Institute (certificate № POCC RU.0001.22HH02 dated 29.11.2009, valid through 19.11.2014).

The professionalism and high qualification of personnel provides the excellent level of test performance. All staff is well educated and experienced, certificated according to the current certification procedure at UB RAS and has appropriate qualification.

The SAC COC provides skill improvement through the technical tutorial and participation in scientific workshops and conferences. The representatives from the Centre of Metrology and Certification “CERTIMET” of UB RAS, the Scientific Board of analytical chemistry of UB RAS provide permanent consulting and engineering support.

The certificated methods of measurements used in the SAC “Composition of compounds”

  • PND F 14.1:2:4.135-98 Quantitative chemical analysis of water. Methods of measurement of the mass concentration of elements in samples of drinking, natural, waste water and precipitation by atomic emission spectrometry with inductively coupled plasma
  • PND F 16.1:2.3:3.11-98 Quantitative chemical analysis of soils. Methods of measurement of metals in solid objects by spectrometry with inductively coupled plasma
  • Methods of measurement of elements mass fractions in lead and its alloys by atomic emission spectrometry with inductively coupled plasma No. 02-2014 (certificate No. 88-16530-091-01.00076-2014 by Metrology and Certification Center “Certimet”)
  • Methods of specific surface area measurement of dispersed and porous materials by low-temperature nitrogen adsorption method using the SORBI analyzer No. 01-2014 (certificate No. 88-16530-090-01.00076-2014 by Metrology and Certification Center “Certimet”)
  • Methods of elements identification in solid organic and inorganic materials using methods of scanning electron microscopy and X-ray microanalysis No. 03-2014 (certificate No. 88-16530-115-01.00076-2014 by Metrology and Certification Center “Certimet”)
  • Methods of identification of inorganic and organic compounds using method of Raman spectroscopy. № 88-16530-83-2008
  • Identification of inorganic and organic compounds using X-ray diffractometry. №88-16530-85-2008


Head of the SAC: Maxim Ananyev, head of lab, DSc

Address: 620137 Yekaterinburg, Akademicheskaya str., bld. 20 / S.Kovalevskoy str., bld. 22

Tel.: +7 (343) 362-33-01

Fax: +7 (343) 374-59-92

E-mail: amv@ihte.uran.ru