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Prof. Yury Zaikov

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DSc (Chemistry)

Scientific Adviser

Head of the Electrolysis Section

Head of the Scientific School «Electrochemical Materials Science»

Scientific interests include the nature and regularities of the processes on the electrodes during the molten salt electrolysis; the effect of the electrolyte and electrode compositions as well as the electrolysis conditions on the polarization; thermodynamics of alloys and molten salts; kinetics of electrode processes; hydrogen energy; pyrochemical processing of spent nuclear fuel, molten salt reactors.

Publication activity:

  • total number of publications 189 cited 1046 times, h-index =16 (Web of Science

    ResearcherID AAD-5913-2020)

  • total number of publications 252 cited 1368 times, h-index =18 (Scopus ID 6603601069)

  • https://orcid.org/0000-0001-6138-3955

  • total number of publications 711 cited 2414 times, h-index =19 (Russian Citation Index, AuthorID: 43056)