Laboratory of Cross-Cutting Technologies in Distributed Power Generation (InEnergy)

Поротникова-219x300Head of the Lab:

Porotnikova Natalya Mikhailovna, PhD (Chemistry)

Tel.: (343) 362-34-83


The laboratory of cross-cutting technologies in distributed power generation (InEnergy) was created within the framework of the “New laboratories” project of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of Russian Federation on December 28, 2018.  The technological research priorities of the newly created laboratory require cooperation with industrial partners, who can help bringing the scientific development to life. The InEnergy group of companies specializing in electrochemical technologies became such a partner. The key directions of its activities are the development of the fuel cells branch and creation of efficient industries in Russia. The laboratory of cross-cutting technologies in distributed power generation (InEnergy) is a joint lab of the IHTE UB RAS and the group of companies InEnergy.

At the present time, the scientific research related to the development, manufacture, and testing the tubular proton-ceramic single fuel cells and low-power fuel cell batteries is carried out at the lab. This technological investigation should be completed with the development of technical specifications in order to create fuel cell batteries for power plants. The work is funded by  the Inenergy group of companies and is carried out by the staff of the joint laboratory.

Targets of research:  design of novel materials and devices for electrochemical applications in distributed power generation; New electrochemical devices for the conversion of energy and its storage, for the use of various types of fuels, and methods for the conversion of electricity based on the principles of power-to-liquid and power-to-gas; Technologies of synthesis and formation of functional materials; additive layering technologies; and technologies for modifying the composition, defective structure and microstructure of materials.

March 2019