Young Scientists Contest – 2018!

        April 19, 2018 in the Institute of High-Temperature Electrochemistry of the UB of RAS, the Young Scientists Contest was held. Graduate students, young scientists, as well as students working in the Institute, presented their reports concerned with their research work.


           According to the results of the competition the first place went to Khakimova Liana («Effect of doping by rare-earth elements on the functional properties of materials based on lanthanum orthoniobate»). The second place was taken by Shchelkanova Maria («Influence of the synthesis method of lithium-vanadium bronze Li1+xV3O8 on its microstructure and electrical conductivity»). Khaliullina Adelya took the third place («Electrical conductivity of CaZr0.9 Y0.1 O3-δ films obtained by a modified chemical liquid-phase method»).

IMG_8170 IMG_8150

             The table below shows the full results of the contest of young scientists:


Khakimova L.R. 143
Shchelkanova M.S. 142
Khaliullina A.Sh. 140,5
Zakharov D.M. 137,5
Muradymov R.V. 134
Kalashnova A.V. 133,5
Tarutin A.P. 133
Vorotnikov V.A. 131,5
Lesnicheva A.S. 130
Vorobyov A.S. 128,5
Krainova D.A. 125
Chernyshev A.A. 115
Filatov A.A. 108,5

We congratulate the participants of the contest and wish them further scientific achievements!