Happy Childhood Planet

        The Institute now holds an exhibition of children’s art called “Happy Childhood Planet”, in which children and grandchildren of the employees take part. The smallest participant of the exhibition was Artem Mirzayats, son of Daria Mirzayants and grandson of Pavel Arkhipov – the baby is only 1 year 4 months old. The most adult participant becameVitya Boyko,  he has two months to retirementand that is no reason not to allow ourselves to play pranks sometimes.

      It should be noted that every year by a new exhibition we open another door into the world of children’s creativity and skill, the work becomes more interesting and more original.

        In addition to classic watercolor and gouache paintings, new trends in creativity were exhibited in the form of works in the batik style, cross stitching, painting of clay products. All the works of young creators attract the attention of the viewer with the brilliance of colors, simplicity, and depth of feelings, freedom of thought and a bright view of the world. We, adults, are very grateful to you for that and wish you inspiration and further creative successes.

P.S. We suggest you remember how it was in previous years: