The first victories of 2018

        The names of the winners of the 2018 contest on state support of scientific research of young scientists and doctors of sciences became known.In the section “Chemistry, new materials and chemical technologies” the grantee was Maxim V.Ananyevwith the application on the topic: “Kinetics of interaction of gas phase components with oxide electrochemical materials with a perovskite-like structure”.

        The winners of the 2018-2020 competition for the scholarship to young scientists and graduate students of the President of the Russian Federation in the field “Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving, including the Issues of New Fuel Development”:

Maxim I. Vlasov “Mechanisms of interaction of proton-conductingperovskite-like  oxides with the gas phase H2, H2O and O2 in terms of their electronic structure”

Natalya M. Porotnikova “Routes of diffusion in oxides with mixed oxygen-ion and electron-hole conductivity”

Dmitry A. Medvedev “New perovskite oxides containing no cobalt: prospective electrodes of the solid oxide electrolyzers for production of hydrogen and membrane electrochemical converters for oxygen”

We congratulate the winners and wish them further success and new victories!