The winners of the young scientists competition

On  the 7th April, a traditional competition for young scientists was held at the Institute of High Temperature Electrochemistry of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Fourteen researchers from different laboratories of the institute presented their achievements online via videoconference meeting. 

Young scientists conduct research in various prospects: anodes for lithium-ion batteries, electrodes for SOFCs, transport properties of electrolytes, processing the spent nuclear fuel, modeling  the potential energy surfaces, electrodeposition of aluminum and the effect of graphene particles on its structure, kinetics of oxygen electroreduction, synthesis of one-dimensional nanofibers of sodium hexatin, thermal stability of carbon composites, ion transport numbers, the effect of charge-dipole interactions on the properties of molten halagonides and alkali metals, as well as the electrochemical synthesis of iron and gadolinium boride.

The  commission consisting of D.A. Medvedev, A.E. Dedyukhin, L.A. Dunyushkina, L.A. Elshina, A.V. Suzdaltsev, A.V. Isakov, A.A. Kataev, D.A. Osinkin, E.Yu. Pikalova and V.A. Khokhlov assessed the work of the researchers, the presentation and answers to the questions.


The first place was awarded to Danil Rozhentsev for his work  related to the high temperature electrochemical synthesis of nanoporous iron by anodic dissolution of ferromanganese in the LiCl-KCl eutectic.

 The second place was shared between Artem Tarutin  (the study of fluorine-doped neodymium nickelite as an air electrode in SOFC-H+) and   Alexander Davydov (the topic of his work is the influence of

IMG_5880 (1)

Тарутинcharge-dipole interactions on the thermodynamic properties of molten alkali metal halides).  


The third place was awarded to  Dmitry Zakiryanov. The young scientist studies the use of artificial neural networks for modeling the potential energy surface using the example of a tungsten melt.

Congratulations to all participants and winners of the competition, we wish you further success in scientific research and creative inspiration!