Scientists of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences will purchase a microscope that will help in the creation of materials for space industry

  An atomic force microscope for studying the properties of the surface of solid states will appear at the Institute of High Temperature Electrochemistry of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences due  to he grant from the Ministry of Science and Education  of the Russian Federation. The new equipment will help scientists in creation of novel materials, including those intended for use in space, said Alexander Dedyukhin (PhD), deputy director for science of the IHTE.


The institute received a grant from the Ministry of Science and Education of Russia in the amount of 31.4 million rubles in order to update the instrumentational base during the implementation of the  Science national project.
“A modern atomic force microscope  will allow receiving data related to the properties of the  solid states surface. The processes of creation and interaction of functional materials of a wide range of purposes will become more understandable to scientists and, as a result, they can be controlled. New materials with specified properties will be created for the needs of electrochemical and nuclear energy, as well as innovative materials for  the use in space, “Dedyukhin said.
Together with the microscope, the institute plans to purchase a unique device for studying the thermal conductivity of solid and molten media. The experiments carried out on this device will be useful for creating a new type of nuclear reactors using molten salts.