Working atmosphere

IMG_5708On September 14-15, a production conference related to the project of a research molten salt reactor was held at the IHTE UB RAS. Presentations were made by representatives of six organizations participating in the project:  Kurchatov Institute,  GNC NIIAR, RFYATS-VNIITF,  VNIINM, UrFU and IHTE UB RAS. The collection of experimental data on the properties of salts, the creation of a unified database for the project, as well as the coordination of stands and organizations where the necessary information can be obtained were discussed.

It was decided to hold such meetings on a regular basis, both in person and in the format of videoconferencing.

Within the framework of the meeting,  the IHTE scientific supervisor, Doctor of Chemical Sciences, Professor Yu.P. Zaikov conducted an excursion, where participants from third-party organizations got acquainted with the scientific achievements, instrumental base, technical capabilities and research directions of the institute.
Despite the busy schedule, the guests of the seminar managed to enjoy the bird’s eye view of Yekaterinburg and visited the Boris Yeltsin Museum located in the Yeltsin Center.