Well-deserved success

This year, the prize  winner of the Governor of the Sverdlovsk Region for the best work in the field of solid state chemistry and electrochemistry became a researcher from the Laboratory of Solid Oxide Fuel Cells at the IHTE UB RAS, Natalia M.Porotnikova, Ph.D. The title of her work is “Fundamental research on the kinetics of the oxygen interaction   in the gas phase with oxides having mixed electronic and oxygen-ion conductivity. “


Natalia Porotnikova  is the coauthor of the monograph, 32 articles, 4 patents, 58 abstracts at Russian and foreign conferences. She studies the laws of the influence of temperature, oxygen pressure, chemical composition and microstructure parameters on the kinetics of the oxygen interraction  in the gas phase with materials based on manganites and nickelites of rare-earth elements.

We congratulate Natalia with well-deserved success!

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