11th International Frumkin Symposium October 19-23, 2020

The Organizing Committee of the 11th International Frumkin Symposium on Electrochemistry is glad to invite you for participation in this conference to be held in Moscow, Russia within the period of October 19-23, 2020.


Chair: A.Yu. Tsivadze
Co-Chairs: V.N. Andreev; E.V. Antipov; O.V. Batishchev; Yu.A. Dobrovolsky; M.A. Vorotyntsev
Scientific Secretary: A.A. Nekrasov

Scope of the symposium will include the principal areas of modern electrochemistry.

It will be carried out in the form of 5 SECTIONS:

  1. Fundamental Aspects of Electrochemistry.
    Organizers:    C. Amatore (France), R. Compton (UK), O.A. Petrii (Russia), V.A. Safonov (Russia)
  2. Electrochemistry of Materials.
    Organizers:    V.V. Kondratiev (Russia),  P.J. Kulesza (Poland),  M. Santamaria (Italy),
    A.B. Yaroslavtsev (Russia)
  3. Electrochemical Energetics.
    Organizers:    E.V. Antipov (Russia), P. Atanassov (USA), D. Aurbach (Israel),
    T.L. Kulova (Russia)
  4. Bioelectrochemistry and Biomedical Applications of Electrochemistry.
    Organizers:    O.V. Batishchev (Russia), P. Pohl (Austria), J. Ulstrup (Denmark),
    J. Zimmerberg (USA)
  5. Electroanalysis.
    Organizers:    G.A. Evtugyn (Russia), A.A. Karyakin (Russia), A. Kuhn (France),
    U. Wollenberger (Germany)

Scientific program of the symposium will include plenary lectures as well as keynote, oral and poster presentations.
Special “Students’ session” will be organized for young (under 30, having no PhD degree) authors of poster presentations where they may present short oral talks.

Special Frumkin issue of Russian Journal of Electrochemistry (indexed by Web of Science, latest impact factor is over 1.0) will be published in relation to presentations at the symposium.

The symposium has been sponsored by the Bioelectrochemical Society. Application for the sponsorship of the International Society of Electrochemistry is under preparation.

Official language of the Symposium is English.

Further information will be provided in the 1st circular to be distributed early in January, 2020, see also at the conference site: http://frumkinsymp.ru