How to be published by Elsivier

ckfqlAn informative seminar of the Elsivier “Effective scientific communication: the ways of development for researchers, faculty members and practitioners” was held on the 24th of October at the Postovsky Institute of Organic Synthesis. Andrey Mikhailov – a consultant on the key information solutions of the Elsivier  presented  the report. The strategies of scientific communications following three basic ways of development – academic, implementation and educational, were analyzed. Basic recommendations on the papers preparation and methods to select an appropriate journal were given. In addition practical advice on how to reduce the possible rejection of the publication and on a possibility to increase the paper citing was provided.

Together with the common rules of the paper preparation Andrey shared with peculiarities and gave live advice and prompts on how to find possible reviewers and how to present the manuscript in the most favorable light. Possible mistakes and curious incidents were specified.

Special attention was driven to the peculiarities and advantages of the ahyaejyScopus and ScienceDirect, being the key products of the Elsevier B.V. JournalFinder was suggested as a convenient tool for the search for an appropriate Journal. Andrey gave a short overview on the usage of these products.

All participants of the seminar may get a certificate. Follow the link and type a key word.