Triple success

Recently,  the postgraduate students of IHTE A.S. Lesnicheva, A.V. Khodimchuk and M.S. Plekhanov got scholarships of the Government of the Russian Federation. Maxim Plekhanov also became a scholarship holder of the President of Russia, while Alena Lesnicheva and Anna Khodimchuk received scholarships from the governor of the Sverdlovsk region. All three are the employees of the Lab of Cross-Cutting Technologies in Distributed Power Generation (InEnergy).

The subject of Maxim Plekhanov’s research is the mixed electron-ion conductors. A young scientist studies their transport properties depending on various external conditions, as well as the electrochemical characteristics of electrode materials based on them. Such materials can be used in hydrogen permeable membranes, proton-ceramic fuel cells and other electrochemical devices. The supervisor of the postgraduate student is the head of the  Electrochemical Materials Science Lab Anton Valerievich Kuzmin, PhD.

The subject of Alena Lesnicheva’s PhD thesis  (she also works under the guidance of A.V. Kuzmin)  is connected with the creation of highly efficient electrolyte membranes for the proton-ceramic electrochemical devices. She investigates the fundamental laws of the influence of the composition and microstructure of perovskite-like oxides on their transport properties under various conditions, as well as on the stability of these properties over time. These studies are necessary  for creation of the proton-ceramic fuel cells with high specific characteristics.

Anna Khodimchuk studies the electrochemical activity of electrode materials in situ using oxygen isotope exchange and impedance spectroscopy. Studying the processes of mass and electric transport in the electrode system allows  intentionally effect  the speed that determines the stage of the electrode process, and according to the data obtained,  modify electrode materials in order to increase the efficiency of electrochemical devices. The supervisor of the post-graduate student is the director of IHTE, Doctor of Sciences in Chemistry Maxim Vasilievich Ananiev.

 Congratulations to young scientists!