Promising cooperation

 A workshop related to the solid oxide fuel cells was held at the Institute of High Temperature Electrochemistry of the UB RAS on August 19–22. The  employees of Solid Oxide Fuel Cells and Electrochemical Materials Science labs headed by the  Doctor of Sciences in Chemistry, director of IHTE M.V. Ananyev, as well as their British colleague, professor Robert Steinberger-Wilkins from the University of Birmingham, a specialist in the field of fuel cells and hydrogen research, took part in the workshop.

Scientists of  two countries cooperate within the framework of the Key Issues of Electrical and Mechanical Switching of Single Cells of  the Solid Oxide Fuel Cells” RFBR project. Previously, the researchers communicated on the projects of the 7th EU Framework Program.

The proceedings of the IHTE employees were dedicated to the interconnectors, glass sealants, materials for the SOFC cathodes and anodes, the use of pulsed isotope exchange method, hydrogen isotope exchange in oxide materials and its solubility, modeling the structure of oxide materials, impedance of materials for  the SOFC, and data analysis by means of the relaxation time distribution technique. Professor Robert Steinberger-Wilkins told about the main directions and results of the work of his team. During the working meeting a joint application for an international patent “The electrochemical method of applying  two-layer electrically conductive protective coating of the interconnector” was prepared and prospects for further cooperation were discussed.