We wish you good luck!

Two young scientists of the Institute of High-Temperature Electrochemistry were awarded the Russian Federation Presidential Scholarship: Artem Tarutin (Laboratory of Cross-Cutting Technologies in Distributed Power Generation (InEnergy)  and Naily Sayetova (Laboratory of Electrochemical Material Science). Both young scientists work in the perspective scientific direction of creation of materials of solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC).

Artem Tarutin studies the possibility of optimization of the most important functional characteristics of solid oxide electrode materials on the basis of  neodymium nickelate by regulating the amount of oxygen in the material crystal and the composition of anion sublattice. The changes in the composition of the anion sublattice may increase significantly the electrode operating capacity and as the result the single SOFC efficiency. Apart from that young scientist analyzes the possible improvement of the neodymium nickelate compatibility with the most popular proton-conducting electrolytes by substituting a part of nickel in the structure by different materials.

Naily Sayetova develops the algorithm of predicting proton-conducting fuel cell materials interaction with glassy ceramic sealants. Solution of this problem will allow us to narrow down the range of glass compositions that may be used in proton-ceramic fuel cells before the synthesis stage. This will greatly shorten the time spent on the experimental search for sealant compositions.

We congratulate the young scientists with success!