Spring swallows


At the very end of February, two successful Ph.D. defenses   were held at IHTE at once. Moreover, both of the candidates Nailya Saetova and Vladimir Kuimov  are the employees of the laboratory of electrochemical materials science.
Nailya Saetova presented her dissertation on the subject of “Physical and chemical properties of lithium borate glasses and composites based on them.” She became the first defended post graduated “swallow” of the  new post graduate research program with a four-year study, and besides just before the International Women’s day.
The thesis of Vladimir Kuimov was devoted to a problem very important for the development of medium-temperature solid oxide fuel cells, that is to  studying the interaction of film oxide electrolyte with supporting electrode. According to the Thesis director L.А. Dunyushkina (Doctor of Science in Chemistry), Vladimir managed to successfully solve the tasks in hand due to commitment to success and motivation.