The XVIII “Bi-National Workshop Israel – Russia”

In accordance with the Agreement on Scientific Cooperation between the Russian and Israeli Academies of Sciences dated February 17 –  22, 2019, the Eighteenth Bi – National Israeli-Russian Workhop (Bi – National Workshop Russia – Israel) was held in Israel under the co-chairmanship of  Mikhail Iosifovich Zinigrad, Professor, Rector of the Ariel University and Leopold Igorevich Leontiev, Professor, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Participants of the workshop


Dan Shechtman presentation

The key topics of the workshop were the optimization of  composition, structure and properties of metals, oxides, composites, nano – and amorphous materials. The discussions of the latest achievements and exchange of scientific information related to the problems of modeling the physicochemical processes and obtaining new materials, solid state physics and chemistry, inorganic chemistry, etc  were held.  More than 20 presentations were delivered during the workshop.
 The Nobel Prize winner (Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2011), Professor Dan Shechtman told about the history of the quasicrystals discovery  and the new paradigm of the crystallography development.  The Academician S.M. Aldoshin (Director of the Institute  of Problems of Chemical Physics, Chernogolovka) delivered an interdisciplinary report on joint Russian-Israeli research. The Academician V.P. Meshalkin (D.I. Mendeleev Russian University of Chemical Technology) devoted his report to the problems of optimizing the chemical and energy processes.

  Professor, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences K.V. Grigorovich (National Research Technological University “MISiS”) explained the mechanisms of formation of surface layers on metallic materials. The presentation of Professor Dan Meierstein (Center for Nuclear Research, Israel), the world’s leading specialist in sol-gel matrices, was devoted to the behavior of the silicon sol-gel matrices in a redox environment.

Representatives of the Institute of High-Temperature Electrochemistry of UB RAS deliviered presentations on the interaction of scandium oxide with cryolite melts (speaker O. Y. Tkacheva, Doctor of Chemical Sciences) and  the computer simulation of deposition of two-layer silicene coatings on a copper substrate (speaker O. R. Rakhmanova, Ph.D. in Physics and Mathematics).