The young researchers were awarded with diplomas of the Governor of the Sverdlovsk region for their contribution to science

On February 5, the official ceremony of the competition winners of the prize of the Governor of the Sverdlovsk region for 2018 among the young scientists took place in the Demidov Hall of the Ural Federal University. The diplomas and prizes valued at 200 thousand rubles were awarded for the top 20 works.

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At the last competition, the scientific advisory council has reviewed 131 papers. The largest number of applications for the competition was in the field of technical sciences, experimental physics, nature conservation, and the reproduction of biological resources.

Two employees of the Institute of high-temperature electrochemistry, Svetlana Pershina and Evgenia Ilyina, became the winners of the nomination for “The best work in the field of electrophysics and energy”.

A cycle of works devoted to the solution of important issues in the field of alternative energy, that is  the creation of a high-energy current source of a new generation capable for reducing the costs of electricity production and transportation, both in the Sverdlovsk region and in the whole country, was presented for this competition.

“Within the framework of this work the lithium-conducting electrolytes with high conductivity and dense microstructure were created and strategic ways for the improvement of their transport properties were proposed. Their performance in fully solid-phase batteries was demonstrated,” Yevgenia Ilyina noted.

According to the experts, the majority of works in technical nominations will be brought to implementation and will bring real benefits in the foreseeable future.  Moreover,  Mikhail Gilev, the head of the laboratory of medical materials science and bioceramics,  should also be congratulated with winning the Governor’s Award for young scientists in the nomination “For the best work in the field of medicine”.


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Congratulations to the winners!

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