Preserving the integrity of the sciences society

IMG_9622 - копияOn November 16, the Institute of High Temperature Electrochemistry of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences celebrated its 60th anniversary.

Ural electrochemists were congratulated by the Deputy Minister of Industry and Science of the Sverdlovsk Region N.N. Martynova, Head of the Ural territorial administration of the Ministry of Education and Science I.L. Manzhurov, who read out the address from the Minister of Science and Education M.M. Kotyukov, vice-chairman of the UB RAS academician N.V. Mushnikov. IHTE was also congratulated by colleagues from friendly institutes of the Ural Branch, Institute of Petrochemical Synthesis of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Ural Federal University and Ural Medical University, Kabardino-Balkarian State University, as well as representatives of partner organizations – EDB “Fakel”, InEnergy, ITCP “Proryv”, JSC IRM, RFNC- VNIIEF, OJSC “Composite” and others.

The Institute of Electrochemistry was established on January 1, 1958. Fundamentals of electrochemistry of molten and solid electrolytes were laid by Corresponding Member of the USSR Academy of Sciences S.V. Karpachev, who headed the IE in 1963–1977, the first director of the Institute, Doctor of Chemical Sciences, M.V. Smirnov, academician A.N. Baraboshkin, who led the IHTE in 1977–1996. And beyond that Doctors of Science S.F. Palguev, L.E. Ivanovsky, N.G. Ilyushchenko, G.K. Stepanov, V.N. Chebotin, M.V. Perfiliev and others have played an important role. In the 1990s, the scientific potential of the team was preserved largely due to the efforts of V.A. Khokhlov, Director of IHTE in 1996–2006. Head of the Institute in 2006–2017 Doctor of Chemical Sciences Yu.P. Zaykov (pictured below) implemented a development program that allowed the team to reach a qualitatively new level of research and to make the fundamental results demanded by industry.

Today IHTE is the only academic institution in the country where all theoretical, experimental and applied research in the field of high-temperature physical chemistry and electrochemistry of molten and solid electrolytes are concentrated. Among the industrial partners of the Ural electrochemists are such giants of the domestic industry as Gazprom, Rosatom, RUSAL. IHTE UB RAS takes part in the large-scale Rosatom project “Proryv” (“Breakthrough”), aimed at creation of new generation energy technologies based on the closed nuclear fuel cycle. In collaboration with RUSAL, scientists are developing and testing new environmentally friendly single-stage technologies for aluminum alloys production. Another innovative development of IHTE is metal composites based on aluminum matrix reinforced with graphene. According to the technical project of Gazprom, scientists create new design of electrochemical generators based on the solid oxide fuel cells, intended for power supply of cathodic protection stations of gas transmission lines, in particular for gas pipeline “Power of Siberia”. Products made of refractory metals – molybdenum, tungsten, rhenium, iridium, manufactured according to the technology developed in IHTE, are used in the newest spacecraft created as part of the Roscosmos project “Green Fuel”. In cooperation with UMMC and other enterprises of non-ferrous metallurgy, the Urals electrochemists created a technology and electrolyzer for refining of rough lead, resulting in increasing of the purity of the metal produced, but also to optimal utilizing of the lead-containing waste. Moreover, these are just some of the innovative developments of the Institute.IMG_9514

Academician N.V. Mushnikov noted that youth and wisdom were successfully combined in the IHTE team. Because of the close cooperation with UrFU and clearly working system of personnel training, the Institute is constantly replenished with talented researchers. Most heads of the IHTE laboratories are young scientists. In addition, the Institute is headed by Maxim Ananiev, 34-year-old Doctor of Chemical Sciences (pictured above), the youngest director in the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences. According to him, the key to the IHTE success is the preservation of the scientific environment integrity.

At the gala ceremony, the veterans of the institute were honored. Medal named after the founder of the IHTE M.V. Smirnov was awarded to scientific director of the Institute Yu.P. Zaykov, chief researcher of the Laboratory of solid oxide fuel cells E.Kh. Kurumchin, chief researchers of the Laboratory of molten salts V.P. Stepanov and V.A. Khokhlov. B.D. Antonov, N.N. Batalov, V.P. Batukhtin, V.P. Gorelov, B.L. Kuzin, A.K. Demin, V.N. Nekrasov, B.T. Tarazanov, Ya.B. Chernov, N.I. Shurov have been promoted to the rank of the “Veteran of Institute”.


Material was prepared by E. Ponizovkina

Source: Newspaper “Nauka Urala” UB RAS

IHTE UB RAS thanks for the sponsorship in organizing of commemorative event LLC “GTK Synthesis” represented by the Director Andrey A. Chudinovskikh.