List of conferences in 2019

Conferences are listed in ascending order of dates.

ICEES 2019: 3rd International Conference on Energy and Environmental Science , Seoul, South Korea (Jan 26-29, 2019). http://www.icees.org/index.html.

ICPEME 2019: 3rd International Conference on Power, Energy and Mechanical Engineering, Prague, Czech Republic (Feb 16-19, 2019). http://icpeme.com/. 

ICAEPE 2019: International Conference on Advanced Energy and Power Engineering, Barcelona (Mar 06-07, 2019). https://waset.org/conference/2019/03/barcelona/ICAEPE.

ICAFCT 2019: International Conference on Advances in Fuel Cell Technologies, Istanbul (Mar 21-22, 2019). https://waset.org/conference/2019/03/istanbul/ICAFCT.

IREC 2019: The International Renewable Energy Congress, Sousse, Tunisia (Mar 26-28, 2019). http://irec-conference.com/.

ICFCS 2019: International Conference on Fuel Cells Science, Rome (Apr 09-10, 2019). https://waset.org/conference/2019/04/rome/ICFCS.

HYPOTHESIS 2019: XIV HYdrogen – POwer THeoretical and Engineering Solutions International Symposium,  ITAIPU Technological Park, Brazil (April 24-26, 2019). http://hypothesis.ws/index.php.

ICE 2019: The 25th Topical ISE Meeting “New electrochemical processes for energy and the environment”, Toledo, Spain (May 12-15, 2019). http://topical25.ise-online.org/index.php. 

ICH2P-2019: 10th International Conference on Hydrogen Production, Cluj-Napoca, Romania (May 15-17, 2019). http://www.icsi.ro/ICH2P2019/.

E-MRS 2019: The 2019 Spring Meeting of the European Materials Research Society, Nice, France (May 27-31, 2019). https://www.european-mrs.com/meetings/2019-spring-meeting.

EIS2019: The 11th International Symposium on Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy, Lège-Cap-Ferret, France( June 02-07, 2019). http://www.eis2019.org/index.html. 

icce2019: 17th International Conference on Chemistry and the Environment, Thessaloniki, Greece (Jun 16–20 2019). http://icce2019.org.

ECerS 2019: XVI Conference of the European Ceramic Society, Torino, Italy, (Jun 16-20, 2019). https://www.ecers2019.org/welcome-messages/message-of-the-local-chair/.

ICAFCE 2019: International Conference on Applications of Fuel Cell Engineering, Dubrovnik (Jun 18-19, 2019). https://waset.org/conference/2019/06/dubrovnik/ICAFCE.

IHTEC-2019: 4th International Hydrogen Technologies Congress, Trakya University, Edirne, Turkey (Jun 20-23, 2019).  http://www.kongre2019.com/site.php?http://www.ihtec2019.org. 

IEEES 2019: 11th International Exergy, Energy and Environment Symposium, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India (Jul 14-18, 2019). http://www.srmuniv.ac.in/ieees-11/.

ESChE 2019: The Energy Security and Chemical Engineering Congress, Penang, Malaysia (Jul 17-19, 2019). http://esche.ump.edu.my/index.php/en/. 

ICECES 2019: International Conference on Energy Chemistry and Environmental Science, Venice (Aug 13-14, 2019). https://waset.org/conference/2019/08/venice/ICECES.

ICECA 2019: International Conference on Energy Chemistry and Applications, Istanbul (Aug 15-16, 2019). https://waset.org/conference/2019/08/istanbul/ICECA.

Euroanalysis 2019: XX Conference and A Young Researcher’s Session, Istanbul, Turkey (Sep 01-05, 2019). http://euroanalysis2019.com/. 

ICFCES 2019: International Conference on Fuel Cell Engineering and Systems, Prague (Sep 05-06, 2019). https://waset.org/conference/2019/09/prague/ICFCES.

ECIS2019: 33rd Conference of the European Colloid and Interface Society, Leuven, Belgium (Sep 08-13 2019). https://kuleuvencongres.be/ecis2019/.

mESC-IS 2018: 4th International Symposium on Materials for Energy Storage and Conversion, Mugla, Turkey (Sep 11-13 2019). https://mesc-its.org/. 

ICFCHT 2019: International Conference on Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Technology, Zurich (Sep 16-17, 2019). https://waset.org/conference/2019/09/zurich/ICFCHT.

E-MRS 2019: Fall meeting Symposium by European Materials Research Society, Warsaw, Poland (Sep 16-19, 2019). https://www.european-mrs.com/meetings/2019-fall-meeting. Deadline for reception of proposals: October 31, 2018.

ICBFCT 2019: International Conference on Battery and Fuel Cell Technology, Rome (Sep 17-18, 2019). https://waset.org/conference/2019/09/rome/ICBFCT.

ICFCHETA 2019: International Conference on Fuel Cells, Hydrogen Energy Technology and Applications, Amsterdam (Dec 02-03, 2019). https://waset.org/conference/2019/12/amsterdam/ICFCHETA.