New postgraduate students in 2018

          In 2018, in accordance with the order of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation №394, Appendix No. 1.147 on April 28, 2017, the institute has four places to full-time postgraduate study at the expense of budgetary allocations of the federal budget for programs for the preparation of scientific and pedagogical staff in postgraduate study.

      Scientific secretary of the Institute Anna O. Kodintseva informed that during the introductory campaign in 2018 four applications were submitted with a request for admission to the entrance examinations to the full-time postgraduate course of the IHTE UB RAS.

      All applicants successfully passed the entrance exams. Maxim S. Plekhanov and Danila A. Rozhentsevscored the maximum amount of points – 10, both examinations in a special discipline and a foreign language they were put on “excellent”; Denis O. Chukhvantsev scored 8 points, Vladislav V. Sukhikh – 7 points.

     Thus, all applicants who have successfully passed the entrance tests may be enrolled in graduate school IHTE UB RAS.

          Postgraduate students in the direction of training 04.06.01 Chemical sciencesin the specialty 02.00.04 Physical chemistry:

                   – M.S. Plekhanov;

                   – D.A.Rozhentsev.

       Postgraduate students in the direction of training 18.06.01 Chemical technology in the specialty 05.17.03 Technology of electrochemical processes and protection against corrosion:

                  – V.V.Sukhikh;

                  – D.O.Chukhvantsev.

We wish the new recruits of the Institute every success in training!