Chemical Fiesta 2018


       Professional holiday “Chemist’s Day” is annually celebrated on last Sunday of May since 1980. Due to circumstances this year it was celebrated on June 3. Every year the Chemist’s Day is held under the symbol of the new element of the periodic table, and according to this tradition 2018 is year of strontium, soft, malleable and plastic alkaline earth metal.         zRo3hSKWVJA

        Employees of the IHTE UB RAS and their families traditionally celebrated it, gathered together in the cottage near the Shartash Lake in the vicinity of Ekaterinburg.This year the weather was more favorable than in the past, and the sun warmed everyone by its rays. A delicious barbecue in the open airin combination withsincere conversations filled the day by warm and friendly atmosphere.

        Once again, we congratulate all specialists involved in the chemical industry with a professional holiday. New discoveries to you!